Monday, February 22, 2016

Because tracting for deaf people doesn't work

We had zone conference this week. It was all about finding new
investigators, which is exactly what our area needs! So you better
believe Sister Clarke and I were paying special attention. Out awesome
Assistants to the President gave a good training on talking to
everyone and President Taggart taught about referrals and working with
members. President Taggart challenged the mission to find us some deaf
people, and he will be contacting the four other missions we cover to
do the same.

So what have we done with this training? Well, for one thing we have
been very sure to look and ask for referrals wherever we go. In the
past we have never had any success from asking our members and
investigators for referrals. The general mindset in the deaf world
over here is that all their friends and family have religions of their
own and will never change. This means whenever we ask for referrals or
ask in any way in order to get referrals, they say, "They are already
Catholic/Christian/JW/etc.". So, it is a little difficult to say the
least. However, we tried in faith this week to find more referrals by
asking. Friday night we were on the VP with a member and we taught her
a short principle and asked if she had anyone she knew who could use a
message of happiness from us. It was like pulling teeth, but she gave
us a name and number. Then, she said, "Hold on, I may have a deaf one.
You want it?" Uh, yes!! So she gave us that one. And then she
immediately said she had yet another one and gave it to us. We had to
go because of curfew, so she said she would see us on Sunday with
about twelve more. Sunday rolled around and she pulled out her phone
and went through her entire contact list and ended up giving us
eighteen referrals just standing there. Needless to say, we were
happy. Only two of the people she referred us to are in our area, but
I'm sure the LA, Riverside, San Diego, Texas, and Arizona branches
will welcome some referrals.

Another thing Sister Clarke and I have been cooking up is an idea to
use the YSA Ward which shares our building. We do not have enough
members who will give us referrals. Not all are like the one member I
just described. However, there are other members. There is a finding
activity we have always heard about, but have been hesitant to try. We
are trying now. It involves going to a member or nonmember's home,
teaching a really powerful lesson on a short principle for about ten
to twenty minutes, and then have the person pray and think of an area
we can go try to find a person. Typically this is used in areas that
are much smaller so they would end up with a road to try, but maybe
the person can give us a very specific area. The whole principle this
relies on is the person's faith, just as when Christ healed people in
his time and when we receive priesthood blessings in ours. Yesterday,
we went into the YSA Relief Society and explained this idea asking for
them to sign up to be the member we teach and receive an area to try.
When we came back at the end to get our sign up sheet, there were
fifteen women who had signed up! What faith!

I know that this work is important. There is nothing more important I
can be doing right now. Our brothers and sisters are out there and we
have the crucial responsibility to go and find them. I don't know
where the people I'm supposed to find are, but I am trying my best to
find them. It is hard, but when we do find someone, I find it is all
worth it. I am so grateful for the Savior and for His love. He is
always searching for me, just as I am searching for those who are
ready to receive the gospel. By His spirit, I will find those who have
been prepared.

Sister Smyly Crawford

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