Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transferred Again!

February 8, 2016

Yup! That's right! Guess where? Haha, just kidding. There's only two areas so where else could I be transferred? North area. And my companion? Drumroll please.......... Sister Clarke! Yay! I love her! I'm so excited for this transfer!!

I cannot say too much has happened this week. Our appointments all keep falling through. However, we had good bonding time with the Figueroa girls. I love them haha. Adriana asked that I come over before school and braid her hair, so we have some service tomorrow morning :)

We did have one thing crazy happen.

This is a story about a cat named Cat Lamoni. Here is what happened. Ever since the other sisters moved apartments they park their car outside. It's a little cold at night so cats like to crawl into cars to keep warm, then in the morning you have to hit the side of the car to scare them out. Well, in their apartment complex they have lots of cats, but after studies and lunch it is noon, so they typically didn't because the cats should be out by then. But sometime Tuesday night a cat crawled into the front of their car close to the engine and Wednesday morning they got in and headed to district meeting. They left earlier than they typically would and as they were driving, and they had been in the car for a few minutes, they heard something in the front of the car, sounding like something happened to the engine or tire. So they stopped and didn't see anything wrong and as they drove it sounded perfectly fine, so they went on with their day. Thursday was a normal day, then as they were leaving the church Thursday night after VPing (video phone) a few people they saw something under their car. Fearing the worst, they called both north and south elders (its about 8:35pm) and they were heading home. The south elders were farther away and since we can't have two sisters and two elders together, they called us to come down to the church. We pulled in and the two of them were absolutely terrified and the elders were putting trashbags on over their clothes. The elders had opened the hood and saw the cat... well... All of us sisters went inside the church because we couldn't stomach it and the elders had a hay day! The south elders arrived and they got the cat out. Soooo moral of the story always hit the side of your car even if you think there are no cats in there! A blessing from this is they couldn't smell good ol' Cat Lamoni because he stinketh not to us even after two days!!!

Sorry if you were grossed out by that story, but it is my duty to report my mission ;)

Have a great week!

Sister Smyly Crawford

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