Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Baptism! Surprise!

So, um.... Tim is baptized now! We had no idea he was going to be ready. In fact, we thought it was going to be a few more weeks! But then the elders gave us a call Saturday night saying that Tim would be baptized the next day! Even Bonnie and Peggie had no idea! So Tim is now baptized! :) As soon as he stepped into the water, his entire countenance changed. Even afterwards, he was filled with so much more light. Congratulations Tim! We all love you! :)

Also, another "Say what?" moment... Nadia is now on date for baptism. We arrived at our lesson and we sat down with her. Immediately we recognized the lesson was not going to go anywhere because the spirit was being pushed away. But we sat there and tried to help her focus and feel the spirit. Here is the conversation.

Me:  "Nadia, have you been reading the Book of Mormon?"
Nadia:  "Yes, every night I read and study it with the bible and read it with the kids."
Me:  "What did you study?"
Nadia:  "I read about baptism and how we need to get baptized in water and..."
Me: "What do you think about baptism?"
Nadia:  "It's a commandment from God."
*Me and Clarke stare at her wide eyed*
Me:  "Yes...... Yes it is.... *shake myself out of shock* Are you willing to be baptized?"
Nadia:  "Yes, but next year 2016. Probably November. I want my daughter baptized too."
*Clarke and I sit there and think...November is too far away* *Idea!*
Me:  "Nadia, I fly home in March. I want to see you get baptized before I leave!"
Nadia:  "Wait. March?? You fly home?? Where is home??"
Me:  "Alabama."
Nadia:  "Alabama?!? That's so far away!!"
Me:  "Yep..."
Nadia:  *sits there and thinks* "Ok, then I will get baptized before then. Maybe Feb. My daughter's birthday is on the 14th. She turns 8."
*I look at calendar, and conveniently the 14th is on a Sunday, or usual baptism day*
Me:  "Nadia, will you get baptized on February 14th? And maybe your daughter will be baptized the same day?"
Nadia:  "Yeah that sounds good. Next year Feb 2016."

I know that conversation could have gone smoother, but holy cow I couldn't ask for anything better. Just watching the spirit work on her is worth everything. And she studies all by herself and if she has questions, she asks us for clarification. Even if our answer is different than what she thought it was, she is so trusting that she thinks it through and believes us. Ha, I just love her.

I know this is completely off topic, and not related to missionary work, but I would like to congratulate the Utes on their beautiful victory against the Ducks. I wish I could have seen it.

The church is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God! I am now starting Alma in my Book of Mormon reading project! I had a moment this week in my reading where I got so into it that I couldn't put it down. I always have that experience with every other book I read (I just love reading... :) ), but to have it with the Book of Mormon was awesome. I love that book. I promise as you, too, read it, you will feel the same joy that I am able to feel.

I love you all!

Sister Smyly Crawford
Sister Crawford, Tim and Sister Clarke