Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Book Of Mormon is True!

This week was a great week! I loved it!

Bonnie and Peggie were out of town this week so we weren't able to go and teach Bonnie, but they are back now! And we are down to a week before the baptism this Sunday! Yayyy!!! So proud of Bonnie! She is so great. We will be meeting with her quite a few times this week to get her all prepared for her baptism.

We were given a referral for a woman named Julia. We went to contact it, and no one answered the door... Darn, ok. So we turn around, and as we do so, a family walks up to us and they are all deaf! What?? Apparently no one named Julia lives there... But we found a deaf family! Now we have to find a non-awkward way to go back and pick them up as investigators.

We had a great lesson with Nadia. She was SUPER focused. Wow. And we cracked down and committed her to read the Book of Mormon, no excuses. A lot of our lessons the past two weeks have been focused on the Book of Mormon.

On that note, we had Zone Conference this week. It was the best one yet!!! It was all about the Book of Mormon! It was awesome. We were given a hard cover Book of Mormon and were challenged to read four pages every day (to finish by Christmas). BUT we are supposed to mark in different colors: references to Jesus Christ's names, His attributes, His words, and principles in the missionary purpose. I'm so excited! I have heard of this challenge before, and I have always wanted to do it, so here we go! :)

I got to go see Eileen again! She is so cute. The nurse asked if I would feed her, so I did. I have never spoonfed an elderly person before, so there is always a first for everything! She was awesome. We will bring Sister Thexton from the branch this week to see her.

I hope you all had a great week too! And keep the great weeks coming! :)

Sister Crawford

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