Monday, March 30, 2015

What a... Glorious... Week!

Really the only thing I have of importance to tell you all is this: I met David Archuleta.

The end.


Sister Smyly Crawford

No, I'm just kidding, I'll type a little longer. So, yeah, last week on Monday after I finished emailing ya'll, Sister Taggart, our Mission President's wife, had a special P-Day activity she wanted people to go to, so we headed over. We got there, met the new Mission Presidency counselors, and sat down. Sister Taggart reminded us that we were not to have any cameras or ipads in there. We stood up and sang Called to Serve and in the middle of the song, David Archuleta walks in. I just want everyone to know that I called it. He gave a wonderful musical fireside, complete with spiritual thoughts, experiences from his mission and career, and songs sung by him. His voice just gets better and better every time I hear it. Every single sister was swooning, and even some elders were swooning, although they tried to hide it. I got to interpret his testimony and his song, "Glorious". It was, ahem... Glorious.

We had exchanges on Tuesday. I went English for a day with Sister Jessen, on of our Sister Training Leaders. She was really cool. I met so many people while I was there. It is amazing to see that the work is progressing even outside our little bubble here in the Deaf Branch.

A few weeks ago the other sisters found a couple of orange folders in their apartment in the stuff left over by previous sisters. It was full of potential investigators that were previously in branch boundaries, but where the missionaries couldn't go because the boundaries were not open yet. Now that the entirety of the branch is open to the missionaries, we can go and visit them. My companionship was given forty names! So awesome! And these people live all over. Some even live way down in Laguna Niguel. Talk about a long drive. I'll have to figure out what to do in the car when we drive that far... But we are so excited to go and visit all these people!

We already tried a few of these people who live in Huntington Beach. We had a couple of weird experiences doing it. I think the most awkward experience was this:

*we knock on the door*

*a young, hearing man in his twenties opens the door*
Young Man- "Hi!"
Me-"Hi! We are looking for... Jonna?"
YM- "Who?"
Me- "Jonna? That may be spelled wrong."
YM- "Oh, you mean Joanna?"
Me- "Sure!"
YM- "Yeah, she has been dead for about seven or eight years now." *turns to a person out of sight* "Hey Dad, how long has Grandma been dead now? Eight years? Yeah, eight years."
Me- O.o "Oh, my condolences. We apologize for taking up your time. Thank you!"

Believe it or not, this was not even the most awkward conversation about looking for a person who has passed away. Try going to a retirement community and having a conversation with one old  woman turn into a conversation with three old women and an old man. All saying things like, "Yeah I think she died. Was she the one next to so-and-so? The one that died a few months ago? Oh, wait didn't she go to bingo? Or was that the other woman?" I swear I am not exaggerating.

Anyways, this has been my week. It was a lot of fun. But more importantly, it has been very educational. I am discovering more and more every day how strong I really am. And even better than that, I am discovering more and more how strong the Savior is. I love him so much; he is my best friend.

Love you all!

Sister Smyly Crawford

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