Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Busy Week!

So sorry for not sending an email last week. Time did not permit me to send one amongst sending all the other emails I had to send.

This week was quite an interesting one.

Tuesday was quite the emotional roller coaster. We were able to go to the temple. I love going to the temple. It is my favorite place on this entire Earth. After the temple we went and got Cafe Rio as a district (let's be honest, the only reason I go there is for the mint limeade. Y.U.M.) We came back to do our emailing. I found out that night about a dear friend here who had a terrible miscarriage that weekend. My heart goes out to her. I am happy to know that she has a testimony that she will see her baby again. She is so strong.

For General Conference Saturday Morning, the four of us South missionaries went over to the Ricos' house for the session. It was so much fun. We missionaries distracted the crazy boys while their parents (and friend who was there...Awesome!) could watch General Conference.  Those boys *shaking head*... Let's just say they got a hold of the stickers and I ended up with 143 stickers completely covering my face and neck. Hey, we all had fun.

We went on a hike with some of the Young Women in the branch. It was so much fun!!! They had a great time and it really made some of the young women feel so much more included.

We had a party for Sister Backus and her 9 month celebration. That was fun! We got a pinata! :) :) :) And of course afterwards we played with the helium in the balloons.

We also had a birthday party for Elder Duckworth and his birthday on Saturday. I promise we don't always party! We just have several birthdays and celebrations coming up soon! Elder Bouck bday, then Elder Peck bday, and then my 9 month, then Sister Munson bday, and then three missionaries are leaving (NOT a celebration), and then my bday... Don't forget me skyping in next month! :)

I have been reading a lot in the Marriage Instructor's Guide for the church. I am reading it in order to better figure out how to help Maria and Alberto get married. We are still working on that... But it is interesting how really, most conflicts that happen in any relationship, not only marriage, is lack of communication. If we are better about being honest and just letting people know what is happening and what we are thinking, so much conflict can be avoided. But the key is not to just blurt out every thought without regard to what it sounds like, but to express with love and with the desire to better help the relationship grow. I have really learned the importance of this over the past month, and I can tell you that even the worst situations can be resolved with honest, loving communication.

Sorry for the weird spiritual thought, but that's what I have been studying :)

Love you all! Have a fantabulous week! :)

Sister Smyly Crawford _\,,/

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