Monday, March 2, 2015

More strange food, but hey, worth it! :)

I am terribly sorry my weekly emails are not very good. So much happens in one week, but I forget it all when I sit down to email. I will try to do better. I will repent. :)

I will just go through my area book and see what I can remember...

One day, we walk into our favorite house, the one with my CODAs, and Cecilia, the mom, before saying anything, says, "Crawford! Crawford! I am making meatball soup tomorrow. You coming??" My response, "Um, YES." Let's just say this cute little woman is the greatest cook ever. I watched her make said soup before and she has this legitimate mortar and pestle she grinds spices with. So we come over the next day and she sees me and goes, "I am SO SORRY. I didn't have time to make the soup! But don't worry, I will make you something else." So she proceeds to feed us a Mexican version of alphabet spaghetti-o's with lime in it. Also tuna fish and corn sandwiches. Oh, and Kool-aid. Lunch of champions. Don't worry, later that week, when we showed up she had her trusty mortar and pestle out and was making her meatball soup. Greatest surprise of my life. It was delicious.

We are continuing to work with Maria and her progression. She is progressing wonderfully and is learning so well. Only problem is that she is still not willing to marry Alberto. Many background issues and reasons to that, but it only means she cannot get baptized. So my comp and I, as well as the Elders who work with us, decided to really get super serious about the marriage thing because this family needs to progress and get over fears by putting them on the Lord. So Sister Stucki and I went over to teach Maria. Stucki had to distract the boys because they were crazy again, so the teaching was left to me. I was not expecting to say everything that I said to her, but the Spirit was telling me to say it all. It basically ended up with me telling her that it was a commandment and law from the Lord that she was expected to follow, not a desire from the missionaries. By the end, I could tell the spirit was really working on her to help teach her. Thank goodness for the Holy Ghost! :)

We had an awesome lesson with Jeaneth. She is so golden, it is ridiculous. We were going to teach her about the Book of Mormon, but she out of nowhere asked about baptism, expressing how she knows she needs to get baptized (as in a general baptism, but not necessarily in the church), but needs to be ready before that. So we start to teach her about baptism. She interrupts and tells us about a dream she had where she was in front of this pool of water that was lined in white, and she climbed down the stairs into the water, walked right under it, fully immersed, and came up the stairs on the other side. Now what does that sound like...? :) So of course I latch on to that and show her how that exactly relates to how baptisms work and how you need the proper authority. She was flabbergasted on how perfectly it matched up and is very willing to get baptized now. I love that girl :)

Also, I will have everyone know that Ashley, Adriana, Alisa, Adriana's friend Jazmin, Annie, and Toni all came to church yesterday. I don't think we have had that many young women attend this branch at the same time in a loooooong time. I am so proud of these girls for making right decisions :)

Love you all! Have a great week! :)

Sister Smyly Crawford

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