Monday, March 30, 2015

The week of everything and nothing

Nothing too crazy happened this week, so apologies for a short email :)

We had an awesome lesson with the Rico family. We played "Mother May I?", but I changed it around to "Heavenly Father May I?" Let's just say, it was the cutest thing ever. The boys ended up saying "Dear Heavenly Father...may I..." It was so adorable. Don't worry. I got videos.

The we and the elders had an AMAZING lesson with Cheri and Irving, a married couple who have been our investigators for FOREVER. But, guess what. They agreed to be baptized and will be preparing to become baptized on April 12th. Hopefully everything will go over well and will come through.

Oh, I guess I could mention... We got in a car accident. Don't you worry, we are completely fine. We were already stopped and the guy behind us was already stopped. But a car didn't stop and hit the guy behind us, who hit us. No one is hurt. At all. Don't you go worrying Mother :) Our car had no damage. Can't say anything for the other two cars. I watched it all happen in my rearview mirror (oh yeah, I got my license in the mail, hurray! High-five for being back on the California interstates!) and Sister Stucki was reading a talk on her ipad. She will never forget that talk now! :)

Well, that was my week! Hope you all had a great one too! :)

Sister Smyly Crawford
Sisters Stucki, Backus, Munson, and Me!

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