Monday, February 2, 2015

By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass

First week of the new transfer: AWESOME.

We got Sister Munson back from the English program! Yay! We have all our ASL kids again! :)

We had some pretty great experiences with our CODA girls this week. Can I just express how much I love those girls? I am pretty sure we went over there almost everyday after school to help them with their homework. At first that sounds like a pretty pointless job, right? Why are we wasting time with helping with middle school and high school homework? But you know what? This week alone has changed those girls more than I have ever seen. When I first arrived here in Anaheim, those girls were completely different. Ashley would talk to Sister Pendleton some, ignore the rest of us. Adriana, sass master, who would not talk to anyone. Alisa would be on her phone talking to her boyfriend and no one else. Now, it is completely different. They are all super excited to see us the second we walk through the door and start chatting almost without taking breaths between sentences. They immediately trust us with their high school boy drama. They are more and more willing talking about gospel related subjects (which was impossible before). In fact, when we were talking about the boy drama, Adriana pipes up and asks me if she should say a prayer. WHAT. Yes! Yes you should say a prayer!! And she did! Right then and there! And later too! Ashley asked for a blessing when Elders Peck and Duckworth mentioned it. That has never happened! Sister Stucki was chatting their friend, Jasmine, later and as they were teaching, they got on the subject of the Atonement. Jasmine was in tears. She is becoming more and more converted to the gospel without realizing it. No one can tell me that simple acts of service, such as helping with homework, do not have a great impact on people.

On a related subject of how service impacts people... This Sunday I had the opportunity to teach Young Women class. We had our wonderful Annie in there, and another cute girl from out of town. The lesson was on Jesus Christ. One of the questions that was asked was, "What does it mean that Christ lives?" Well, we could say that He is a man with a body somewhere, who has been resurrected in glory. But it is more than that! Christ lives through us. As we live as "example[s] of the believers," we shine our light and testimony for others to see. Our light of Christ shines from us, and no one can ignore that light. I give an example of my wonderful mission president, President Taggart. I know whenever he walks into the room, because it gets brighter. It is not hard to find him in the crowd, because he just shines with the light of Christ. He is one of the most Christ-like people I know. And guess what? We all have that light too! Our friends, our family, the people we randomly meet on the street, their spirits are attracted to our light. So shine that light! Share your beliefs! Be thou an example of the believers! Through your actions an your service, you can change another person's life for the better. You can be a person's savior in that moment.

I love you all! Have a fantabulous week and make sure you share your testimony with at least one person this week! :)

Sister Smyly Crawford

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