Monday, February 16, 2015

"The tender mercies of the Lord are all over those whom he hath chosen."

This week has been one of miracles. The Lord has not allowed me to
feel sorrow at all. I am indebted to Him.

I had a wonderful P-day with my district on Monday. We all went to a
park and laid on blankets while Elder Snow told a story. It was about
how the district had to become secret agents to save the world. Don't
worry, I was the weapons specialist and the person who has to go in
and break out the captives. We all had so much fun.

Tuesday was my miracle day. I will never forget how much Heavenly
Father blessed me. Sister Stucki and I went over to see a member,
Esther. As we entered her home, I am warmed with the vision of my
beloved Veronica, sitting in an oversized recliner, like a young
child, eating puffy Cheetos. I have never been so happy to see that
woman. We had an awesome lesson on the Doctrine of Christ. I loved
having to explain faith by doing trust falls with her.  After that,
we went to the mission office to do some Facebook and VP work. It was
then I found out about Grandma passing away that morning. I remember
being ok for about a minute, as I had previously prepared for that
moment. But then my strength gave out and I put my face in my hands
and cried. But then in a moment, I could feel the Lord sending His
strength to me and the tears subsided. I knew the Lord was buoying me
up. He sent an angel to sit with me and comfort me. Later that day, we
went over to Sister Stewart's home for dinner. She hustled us to a
back bedroom and there, sitting on the bed, I found my first
companion, Sister Pendleton, with a huge smile on her face. I had
missed her so much. I will admit, I fell into her arms and cried. I
don't know how, but Heavenly Father sent me three angels that day, and
even more that I could not see. I remember when Elder Peck's
grandmother died a couple of months ago, he told me he would see a day
of miracles the next day. And he did. And so did I.  

I love Grandma. I know she is doing amazing things right now. She is
going around to other spirits and telling them, in her own special
way, that they should join the church. She is also probably looking
down at me telling me I should be practicing the piano now. I have so
many memories of her, and I have been telling these memories of her to
my friends all week, because why wouldn't I? She was amazing, and
continues to be. I cannot wait for the day to see her again!

Next four days were full of my wonderful deafies and CODAs. Nothing went
wrong with any of them, and it was such a burden lifted. They were all
warm and inviting and so very happy to see me. Even my awesome Ashley,
Adriana, and Alisa were over the top excited to see me. And that is a

The best part of my Sunday, yesterday, was turning around from
interpreting, and seeing Adriana, Alisa, and their friend, Jasmyne,
sitting there in a pew at Sacrament meeting. I almost cried. Those
girls have not been to church in months. And seeing them there ready
for a day of church was amazing. And they stayed for the whole time!
Young Womens with them was so much fun, and they admitted they felt
good coming to church. There is hope yet to get Adriana and Alisa
active again, and Jasmyne baptized!  

I am so sad to hear about Sister Roberts. She was one of the most
Christ-like women I knew. There was nothing she would not do for
anyone. I always knew if anything else failed, her love would not. She
was truly Mama Roberts for the young women, for there was not a single
young woman who did not aspire to be like her. I will miss her dearly.

I love you all. I know the Lord has blessed my life with every single
one of you, because in my mind, you are all each angels sent here for
my benefit. Please continue to search for and recognize His hand in
your everyday lives, because I know that as you do this, your world
can only change for the better.


Sister Smyly Crawford

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