Friday, October 17, 2014


Four More Days until I hit the battlefront! Woohoo!!

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your emails, DearElders, and letters! I get so much, the elders in my district are successfully rolling their eyes every time they hand me a letter. Every. Single. Day. So congratulations on that! :)

Second of all, this week has been flat out awesome. I cannot even describe it. But I will try!!

One of our teachers, Brother Featherstone (remember that our teachers are recently returned missionaries) had a game for us.   Uh oh.   He herds us out into the hallway and we see that he has made a giant V on the floor with tape. He tells us that we each have to walk with one foot on either side of the V until we couldn't go any further.   Oookkkkk.... But don't worry! He didn't make the sisters try too hard, especially since we were all wearing straight skirts. But the elders he made go the whole way.  And in his defense, he did make sure to tell them to stop going any further if we were going to rip our clothes.  Anyhoo, he goes down the line of elders and they each try it. One elder, two elder, but then the THIRD elder. He starts walking. And walking. Then he staggers a little and we hear a POP. In a flash, he jumps up, pins his legs together, and leans on the wall. He had ripped his pants from crotch to knee! Everyone, including himself, was laughing harder than we thought we could. We had to wheel out one of the chairs so he could sit in it and cover his lap with his suit coat, because he couldn't walk. He was a great sport about it. His companion and another elder ran to get him a change of pants, and when they got back, they wheeled him to an empty classroom to change. So funny.

The second thing I wanted to share with you was an awesome teaching experience. We teach in the TRC, which basically means we teach volunteers, who may or may not be members. For me and Sister Stromness, it is a little awkward because we always get stuck with the recent RMs who end up teaching us. Cool. Back in the classroom we have no idea what to do. Bro. Featherstone comes in and mentions how he knows one of the RMs we taught. He offered us to teach him, as himself, to get comfortable with teaching members. Ok, cool. S. Stromness and I start separately studying to see what we could teach him. I open to a page in Preach My Gospel and see a pic of Christ and a thought pops into my head that why not do 'strengthening a personal relationship with Jesus Christ'? Ok, cool. So we discuss how to do that and come up with prayer and scripture study. Bro. Featherstone comes back in and sits down. We chat with him for a bit and then offer a prayer. After 'Amen' he turns to us and says, "Ok, sorry, I know you have something prepared, but I was wondering if you could help me with something. You know I have been home for five months and I have found that my scripture study and prayer have been lacking and not the same as before on my mission. How can I fix this?"   *sly look at Sister Stromness*  "Well, Bro. Ben, interesting you should ask!" Hahaha so we proceed to teach him the lesson we had already prepared. Because it applied. Then another thought popped into my head. "Ben, do you ever study and pray as if you were still teaching investigators, but from the point of view that YOU are the investigator?" His eyes get really wide and red and he becomes really focused as I explain how to do that. At the end of the lesson, after the role-playing is over, he tells us that he actually had never thought of that before! We actually helped him! We had even surprised him with how well we taught with the spirit! And this is all shocking to me, because he is going to be a general authority some day soon and he knows almost everything. Seriously. So it was interesting that those thoughts that popped into my head were specifically the answers to the prayer he had said the night before to Heavenly Father. I love this. I love teaching people and listening to the spirit to help them solve their problems. Ben (Bro. Featherstone) was not the only person we helped this week while listening to the spirit.

Last but not least, I want to give you a summary of one devotional we had this week by Elder Larry R Lawrence of the Seventy through my eyes. Satan has NO power over you. He can try, oh he can try. But he is not able to read your thoughts. He has NO power to read your thoughts. He is not able to do that. He only knows the things he does know from your words, facial expressions, and actions. And he takes notes. Then he has four tactics he uses against us: direct temptation, lies and deception, contention, and discouragement. Real original, right? But why should we fear? We can literally say, "Get thee hence, Satan" and he will flee. He has absolutely NO power over us. How did Christ live His life so perfectly? Besides the fact that He is the Son of God? He had a mortal life, the same as others, so he had to have been tempted more than what it says in the scriptures, right? But what I realized is this: Christ understood that Satan has no power. He understood the tactics Satan uses. He understood how to simply overcome him. If we remember these things, we can live as Christ did. Yes, we will still be tempted, but we can have more confidence living in this world and teaching our children to be safer from evil if we remember these things.

I love you all, and I pray for you every night!

Sister Smyly Crawford

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