Monday, January 26, 2015

Good ol' Southern Cali weather!

While most of you are getting snow, we have been getting nice 75 degree weather! Just wanted to make sure you all knew that! :)

Not much has happened since I last emailed... Well, except for our car getting broken into... That was fun... But nothing was broken! And even though my wallet and our GPS was taken, everything has been taken care of and we had a back up GPS (shout out to my awesome dad for having me bring it! :) )

Let's see... All my deafies are doing well! We haven't seen much of them since Thursday because of different reasons... Funerals... Trips to LA... Sickness... Sickness is really traveling around right now. Almost all eight of us ASL missionaries have gotten sick in the past five weeks. And one is on his deathbed right now with bronchitis or pneumonia. Not sure which... Either way, I think I may be coming down with that, but we'll see!

It is Sister Stucki's birthday today, so we are going out to have fun! Hurray for birthdays on pdays! :)

Well, that's just about it! Sorry there is nothing much to report! Love ya'll!

Sister Smyly Crawford

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