Monday, June 15, 2015

Announcement! Announcement! Annoucement!

Announcement, announcement! Rosalia, Keesha, and Ashley all came to church yesterday! Whodathunk? I am still in shock. See what happened was...

Rosalia has been promising for weeks now to come to church, but since she has started her new job at LAX, she has been working her tail off, and Sundays are her only days off. However, she understands the importance in coming to church. So when we VPd her on Saturday, we made her swear to come to church. She wasn't getting out of it this time. On Sunday, Sister Munson and I were on the edges of our seats. Sacrament meeting started and finished, and the whole time we were looking around behind us at the congregation and couldn't find Rosalia. Gospel Principles class started, and while I was in the middle of teaching, I hear my name and turn around to see a missionary ushering Rosalia in the room! YAY! She had gotten lost, as she lives about 45 minutes away and the drive to the church building from her place is pretty confusing. And of course the first class she experiences at church would be on the subject of baptism... Ha! I was able to teach her after RS, and she showed me her Book of Mormon and all the reading she has been doing. I was able to explain to her some of her questions and committed her to pray about the truth of it, even though she told me already that it was true. She also promised to come back to church next week.

Keesha is the young lady we had met at the Deaf Expo who was golden. She is friends with Annette. We have been trying and trying to contact her for six weeks now, but every time we get to her house, she's not there. So while we were sitting in the chapel, thirty seconds after it starts, in walks Annette and Keesha! What?! Sister Munson and I could only look at each other in shock. Apparently she was going to surprise us by coming to church. She told us that God had told her to come to our church this week. In all the lessons she attended, she was very attentive and agreeable. She seemed to have really connected with the doctrine, especially the lesson about baptism in Gospel Principles.

Ashley is a young lady the same age as I am. She has been taught on and off by the missionaries for a while now, but she has never shown interest in the church. Since I have arrived in the area, she has taken a real interest in becoming mine and Sister Munson's friend. She never really talked about religion, yet she always wanted to keep meeting with us. Last week we were chatting with her, and the subject of the Law of Chastity came up, as she is a big advocate of it. So our first real lesson with her was about the Law of Chastity... I find that kind of funny... Anywho, she listened to our testimonies, asked questions, and agreed. The elders were contacting a referral from her a few doors down, so I called them over to testify as well. She was dumbfounded that there were men who believe in stuff like that! She had never met a guy who would treat women as respectfully as they do. So she randomly turns to us and says, "I want to come to church next week." What?! OK!!! She has never show interest in coming to church!! So we met with her again this week to answer any questions she had about coming, and after assuring her that she wouldn't make any mistakes and she would have friends there, and after she stunned us with deciding to dress modestly, and after she told us that she was still coming even though her great grandmother yelled at her, she decided nothing would deter her. On Sunday our new hearing couple, the Millers, went to pick her up and brought her to church. Thankfully, she knew an investigator who was there (who is getting baptized in a couple weeks who is also the best non-member member present you will ever have). She said she enjoyed it and that she wants to come back next week!

So that sums up the biggest miracle the North Sisters Area has had in a very, very, long time. We are still a little bit shocked, but it is awesome. I am excited.

I hope you all have a great week. Remember to trust the Lord, because He really does have a plan for each of you, and as long as you are humble enough to do as He says, life will work out for the best.

Love you!

Sister Smyly Crawford

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