Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Missionary Calling Card

We contacted an awesome potential this week! Her name is Rosalia and she is so cool. When she met the other sisters at the deaf expo (through an invitation from a member friend), and they asked for her information, she flat out handed them her drivers license to get her information. If that doesn't start to describe how exited she is to learn, I don't know what does. We went up to contact her on Tuesday. She pulled up to her house right as we were and she excitedly waved as we got out of the car. She brought us through the gate to her backyard and we sat down. We came to learn that she knows Mexican sign language and English sign language, both very well. She taught us some of MSL. It was awesome. And then when we started talking about the church, she asked how long her member friend had been a member. We responded 5-6 years and she was so surprised! She was shocked and said her friend needs to share her testimony more! Ha! She asked if we had a Book of Mormon with us. We asked if she preferred English, ASL, or picture book. She said all! So we handed her the huge stack of book and she smiled and said she would start with the English and memorize it so she can help interpret it to MSL. And then she proceeded to commit herself to go to church. It was honestly the easiest thing I have ever had to do. She did all the committing herself. So that was fun.

Sister Munson and I went up to Covina to contact Keesha from the deaf expo, but she wasn't there. So we decided to contact someone close by. As we walked up to the house, we found that there was a gate at the entryway to go to the door, but it was locked. Then, we looked down and saw one of our ASL cards sitting wet in the plant. WHAT. WHY was that there?? It reminded us of Batman and the Joker's calling card haha. So we called the elders and turns out they had contacted that house the day before but no deaf people lived there.  That was our freaky moment of the week.

I love the members of the branch here. They teach me so much about love and charity. I love watching them all interact. Yesterday at church, I saw so many people from such different walks of life chatting away with each other. It didn't matter what language level, what income level, where they lived, what education level, family life, nothing. They all served ad loved each other. It brought me to tears so many times.This is why I love the branch so much., They are so full of love and kindness and patience... In fact, each of them encompass at least one Christ-like attribute. They teach me so much about love and long-suffering and endurance. I love them so much.


Sister Crawford

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