Saturday, May 16, 2015

Skyping and Kitties

I don't have much to say, considering I just skyped with the family yesterday. So good to see ya'll!! Sorry I'm still sassy :)

So basically, the crazy story of the week is this: we rescued some kittens.

I will expound.

So Thursday night, the four of us north missionaries gathered at the church building to have a meeting to plan for that week's FHEs. Sister Munson and I were waiting, and waiting, until finally, we turn and look down the hall, and Elder Peck is standing there with the cutest kitten you ever saw and he said, "....I saved a cat." So we try to warm it up and give it some milk that just so happened to be in the fridge. It wasn't until we were a few minutes into this activity did the elders mention that there was another one outside! Well, why didn't you tell me earlier! It's about to rain and it's cold! So we all go outside to get it. It is in the far corner of the parking lot, in the structure surrounding the dumpster. We could hear it in there, but could not see it, as there was a ledge just behind the door. So we meowed and had the other kitten meow and eventually, after about a half hour, we caught this little kitten. I won't mention how beat up we were after all this, due to some irritated and angry kittens with sharp teeth and claws. I also won't mention how much I was dying from my cat allergy. But anyways, we finally got them to calm down and got them warm. We had the elders drop them off at our Branch President's house for the night. The next day we made sure to go and play with them as much as we could so they didn't go crazy. They are now at a member's house waiting to be transported to their new home at another member's house. Hopefully they can stay there together.

Let's see... Nothing else too crazy happened compared to that, with the exception of skyping the family. It was a typical skype session: Maxfield asked me embarrassing questions, Forrest brought out the horse head and sword, Mom tried to get the boys to behave, and Dad sat in the back laughing at the chaos. You know, the usual :)

Love you all! Have a GREAT week! :)

Sister Smyly Crawford

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