Monday, December 1, 2014

It's too hot....It's too cold...

Sister Crawford would like everyone to know that finally in the last days of November, it started to get cold. And when Sister Crawford says cold, she means 65 degrees. She pities people elsewhere.

The reason Sister Crawford is talking in third person is because Sister Crawford does not want to bore people who read her letter. Thus, she tries to shake things up. Hopefully this language does not confuse people.

Thanksgiving was so great! President and Sister Olsen (of the Deaf Branch, but they are hearing leaders) planned on having us over for Thanksgiving, and Sister Stewart was jealous, so she had the ASL district over a couple nights before for a Thanksgiving dinner and birthday celebration for her son on a mission. Sister Crawford and her district had lots of fun. The district  is like a family so they assigned people to different positions in the family. Sister Pendleton is the dramatic one, Sister Stucki is the argumentative one, Sister Crawford is the sassy one, and Sister Stewart is the crazy aunt. It all fits, doesn't it? :)

And then the ASL district had Thanksgiving with the Olsens'. The first part of the day, Sister Crawford and her companions taught four lessons, which is unheard of on Thanksgiving, so score! Then they went to a service project. Finally they headed over to the Olsens' house. The whole district played football, and then we had dinner. It felt so good to be in a home where one can feel comfortable and know that lice won't jump on you if you sit on the couch. But that's a story for another day.

Sister Crawford and her companions had a very successful week. They taught 26 lessons, when the standard of excellence in the mission is 15 and the other ASL kids are teaching about that on average. They picked up four new investigators on top of the ones they had been teaching before. They started teaching a woman named Zion Berry. Fun fact: she had her name changed to that. And she's not a member. Isn't that cool? She is so sweet and is just drinking in the lessons! Another investigator the companionship picked up was Thuy. The companionship had been just going through the VP (the videophone that Sorenson gives to deaf people for free. It's quite wonderful, actually.) and see her name. They did not recognize the number so they called it, not expecting anyone to answer. Someone answered. At first Thuy was hesitant. The companionship asked her what she was thankful for (it was Thanksgiving) and she started giving them her address. The companionship was shocked. Then Thuy realized she had a friend who was being taught by the companionship and was very happy and excited to see the companionship. Hooray!

Sister Pendleton gave her farewell talk on Sunday and everyone was terribly sad. This branch loves her so much and is so connected to her. The ASL missionaries did a musical number in which they sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Homeward Bound" and had Sister Pendleton do a beautiful interpretation of it. The entire congregation was either very tuned in or crying. It was so wonderful to see them all feel the spirit.

Ok, to be serious now, I will switch to first person again. I have been thinking a lot about the premortal existence this week, as I am reading Jesus the Christ. I thought about how when people feel the spirit, they say it pierced them to the very center. Why would it pierce them to the very center? Have any of you heard a voice very familiar to you that you haven't heard in a while? And does that voice bring a poignant feeling to your heart that you don't normally feel when you hear other people's voices? I think it is the same with the still small voice. It is because our spirits have heard that still small voice before. We heard that voice before we were born. We heard that voice teach us. We heard it present the great Plan of Salvation. We heard it comfort us right before we were sent down to Earth. And our spirits recognize that voice that is so near and dear to us. How great will be that same feeling of joy when we are in the presence of that voice once again!

Sister Crawford wishes everyone a fantabulous week full of love, happiness, and CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!

Love you all!

Sister Crawford

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