Friday, September 12, 2014

Whew! Talk About Crazy!


So those first two days, huh? Craziness. From getting up at 3:50 in the morning, flying for way too many hours, meeting my companion, and meetings galore, I am still trying to catch my footing. A special shoutout to Hege Farnsworth for picking me up at the airport! :) You are wonderful! I arrived late at the MTC (due to my flight getting in later), which was totally fine. I did not miss too much. However, my host took me to the right room, but wrong building, so I did not get to meet my class until after the opening meeting with the MTC presidency. 

I was able to find my companion after that, and she is super sweet. Her name is Sister Stromness, and she is from Riverton Utah! She is serving in the Vancouver Washington mission. Although we have not had too long to get to know each other yet, I know we will have a lot of fun together. We have a mutual agreement: she is patient with my anti-people mornings and I am patient with her ASL. We found that even in a day and a half, our ASL is getting better, as long as we only sign. I guess the gift of tongues will only help if we communicate solely in ASL.

My district is THE COOLEST. Just saying. We have four sisters and seven elders. Two of the elders are deaf, and one of the sisters is hard of hearing. Elder Snow is deaf and he has also been assigned to the California Anaheim mission, so we are making a special effort to be friends. Everyone else is going to different places all around the USA. Sister Garcia is hard of hearing and is very patient with the three of us other sisters as we constantly ask her questions how to sign this or that. Bless her.

Oh, and Aryanna? Oh...ahem....excuse me. SISTER Hyde. I see her several times a day! In Finnish, Sister is actually "Sisar" so I make a point to address her as "Seeeesaaaarrr" whenever I see her. I am not kidding when I say that I call that out and all the Finnish Sisters respond to it, like they believe that's how it is pronounced too. It's my source of amusement.

I sure hope those brothers of mine are appreciating that car and phone I left for them!! That's all they would talk about these last few weeks! :)  Ma, you are right! 24 hours are up! No more tears! :)

I am not sure I have much more to say... Just pray that I can catch on to this no talking, only signing, lack of communication thing. :)

Talk to ya'll next week!

Sister Crawford \|,,|

ps... Something the MTC president said the first night. It will be the thing I quote throughout my mission. "Let's talk about how we address people. There are no 'guys'. There are only 'Elders and Sisters'. The 'guys' are home dating their girlfriends." I am still laughing about that.

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